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UX / UI design for a geo-intelligence SaaS platform.

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About the project

Usability optimization and UX redesign for the Mastergeo geointelligence platform, considering the UX design of the portable / printable version of the report extracted on the platform. One of the focuses of the project was the specific design of the real estate appraisal report, aimed at extending the company's services to the real estate sector (the platform was only aimed at real estate or retail development); The Covid-19 pandemic forced a change in focus, concentrating almost entirely on the new service, with a view to freezing retail during the 2020 quarantines.

Role overview

Lead UX researcher, coordinating both the communication with the client counterpart and the research strategy and the execution of interviews and participant observation in the field. UX leader in the UI design process, representing the voice of the user and the client in the co-design sessions with the 3DIAS team.


  1. Gathering internal knowledge and strategic alignment with the development, commercial, innovation and management areas of Georesearch. The insights obtained allowed the definition of hypotheses regarding the tasks and objectives of current users.

  2. Once the potential users had been defined, I conducted in-depth interviews with different clients / users of the company, validating the uses of the platform in the real estate and retail development sector.

  3. For the definition of the real estate report, investigative instances were developed with different people from a real estate broker, considering management, headquarters and real estate agents, performing at least one instance of shadowing to know their daily work.

  4. Through co-design sessions with the UI team from my studio, we implemented the necessary usability improvements within the Mastergeo platform, ordering sections and standardizing the experience on its different screens, concluding with a functional prototype implemented in Figma.

  5. For the real estate report, the usability of its extraction was optimized according to the general definitions for the platform; Regarding its exportable, two types of PDF report were defined: 1) the Property Report, aimed at informing in detail the characteristics of a property and its environment through a printed document, and 2) the Executive Summary, intended to report in a summarized form the main elements of the Property Report, with the possibility of displaying it directly on the screen.

Retrato de Eduardo Aguayo, user researcher y consultor en diseño UX.

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