Insurance Brokers Customer Experience

Designed a new workflow for insurance's customer support.

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It is possible to improve the user experience of customer service tickets through the transparency of their processes: beyond the resolution times, it is possible to manage the uncertainty and anxiety typical of a complex process through clear communications indicating the status of the ticket, who is responsible and what the deadlines are, always indicating in advance (and cause) if there will be new delays. Insurance Brokers Customer Experience - Designed a new workflow for insurance's customer support.

About the project

I was a consulting in customer experience for Consorcio, a Chilean insurance company in different countries in Latin America. The client wanted to redefine the after-sales service flow for the independent distributors (brokers) associated with the company, specifically regarding the management of support tickets, with a view to optimizing and digitizing the process. At the start of the project, the response times of the after-sales area exceeded 90 hours (or even 120 hours) for some specific tickets that, by definition of the company, could not take more than 72 hours to close.

Role overview

UX leader and senior UX researcher for the project, coordinating both the communication with the client’s counterpart and the research strategy and the execution of interviews and participant observation in the field.


  1. To understand the implications of current moment of the project, we map the entire process according to the knowledge of the internal stakeholders, individualizing the different roles and tasks of the complete customer service chain. Once the main actors had been identified, a limited investigation was designed to directly investigate the causes of the delay in response times (SLA).

  2. Through field observation and interviews with different areas and internal roles involved with the project, we discover the effective tasks and roles developed by each of the actors, as well as the limitations associated with the process: technological infrastructure, external factors, patterns of use and interaction, business rules/regulations. With this, we were able to determine the opportunities for improvement of the internal process, as well as the points of contact with the distributor and the end customer.

  3. Due to internal limitations of the insurance company, it was not possible to directly interview the distributors and clients involved in the process; This was remedied by developing a set of surveys aimed at understanding the vision of both actors regarding the priority of each of the service tickets. Each survey was designed to narrow down and deepen the statistics extracted from the CRM used in the process (mined with a data set of several months within the year), discovering problems of understanding on the part of the brokers regarding how to typify each ticket, as well as the misuse of priority categories to speed up the process of any application.

  4. With the data refined after the surveys, and taking the insights of the research process, we define a new model of customer experience through an optimized flow of the process, documenting in the same instrument the time flow, the actors involved and the suggested interfaces for each step.

Retrato de Eduardo Aguayo, user researcher y consultor en diseño UX.

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